FCC Reveal Student MinistriesOur middle and high school students have taken the stand to live out loud for the kingdom of God. We teach our youth to have authentic faith, spiritual disciplines, moral boundaries, healthy friendships, make wise choices, make Christ their ultimate authority, and strive to put others first, all of which will help them carry on the cause of Christ after high school.

The following checkpoints, with descriptions, are taught as part of our Reveal curriculum:

  1. Authentic Faith – to defend the reliability of God’s character, and explore the faithfulness of God’s promises
  2. Spiritual Disciplines – outline the importance of personal devotion time with God, and develop a habit of regularly meeting with God
  3. Moral Boundaries – explain the importance of a foundation for moral boundaries, and establish clear, written moral limits
  4. Healthy Friendships – describe the affect of close friendships on a personal relationship with God, and make a list of healthy and unhealthy characteristics of companions
  5. Wise Choices – begin a list of “Principles to Live By”, along with foundational scripture, and demonstrate decision making skills utilizing biblical principles
  6. Ultimate Authority – describe the relationship between freedom and authority, and list earthly authorities and how to relate to each
  7. Others First – describe the “kenosis” of Jesus as described in Philippians 2, and list ways to initiate this attitude

Our Reveal youth meet on Sunday mornings for Sunday School at 9:30, and Wednesday nights at 7:30.  Optional youth activities include Youth Choir and 5th Quarter.  Youth choir meets Wednesday nights at 6:30, and 5th Quarter meets Friday nights at 10:00 (during high school football season only).

FCC’s Balm in Gilead Family Counseling Ministries also offers an after-school meeting and discussion group for teenagers called "Let's Talk About It".  This groups is interactive, confronting issues our teenagers encounter daily in today’s society, and offer ways to problem-solve and deal with peer pressure based on Biblical principles.  For more information on this after-school group and meeting, click here.