Sadly, nearly everyone has, in some way, been affected by cancer; we get angry, we question, and we pray for a miracle. At FCC, WE BELIEVE!

One church member, who recently experienced cancer through the prognosis of a close family member, stated our belief best: “I don't know the exact name (of the cancer), but I DO know that cancer has a name and EVERYTHING that has a name MUST bow to the name of Jesus! That is what we are believing for! We know it is NOT God's will for us to be sick or to suffer, but we DO believe that God will take a situation we go through to help other people in their own situations and we are standing on that promise! ...That not ONE tear is shed that He doesn't capture and not ONE hurt is felt that He doesn't send the holy spirit as a comforter...even if that's through other people.”

On March 27, 2010, members of FCC and our surrounding community took our beliefs “From the Pew to the Pavement” for our first annual cancer awareness walk. We walked in honor of someone, we walked in memory of someone, and we walked in belief for a cure. Come out and join our annual walk!

All proceeds from our walk benefit the Lisa Canady Scholarship Fund. Lisa Canady was a vital part of the FCC church family, choir, and women’s ministry who, after fighting the good fight of faith battling breast cancer, received her ultimate healing when our Lord called her home on September 3, 2002.

From the Pew to the Pavement is an annual event and we continue to raise awareness about not only cancer, but the fact that we serve an Almighty God who is the ultimate healer!

To download the Lisa Canady Scholarship Application, click here.

To download the Lisa Canady Scholarship Fund brochure, click here.