Kidztown Productions (1st - 5th Grade)

Kidztown Productions is our kids choir at Fayetteville Community Church and is offered to children from ages 6 to rising Middle School students. We meet each Wednesday Night in our choir room at 7:30pm. Throughout the year we perform songs during our Sunday Morning Worship Service, as well as special events.

Our main goal is to teach children that they can worship God no matter what age they are and by different means. Our songs include not only singing, but signing, drama and dancing. There is something so moving about watching small children be reverent before the Lord.

The children are taught not only to pray, but also how to play as a team and respect one another. As a reward for all their hard work, and with support from parents, we have special planned nights of nothing but fun. Their favorite, of course, is an annual sleepover where we all arrive in pajamas, play games till the sun comes up, and finally settle down in the wee hours of the morning for a movie. It is a night filled with fun, food, and sleep deprivation!

The kids in our choir are so special to us and we believe any input we give in their lives will make a huge difference as they grow. Whether it be singing, signing, dancing, or playing, every moment spent with these kids and any opportunity to pour into their lives has been prayed over and given back to the Lord. May He continue to bless us and grow us.