"I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God while I live." Psalm 104:33

A simple definition of worship is to regard with great devotion or to honor as a divine being. God alone is worthy of our devotion, praise and worship. He is God, our Creator, and we are commanded to praise and worship Him.

Many people think that praise and worship is only singing songs at church, but it is so much more! It is also a condition of your heart - a willingness to exalt God and yield to His will. Worship is an expression of love and awe to the God who gives us more than we deserve. Whether you express your worship by singing, playing music, dancing or in some other way, remember that you are called to worship God with your every action, every day of your life. God is holy, loving, and worthy of all our worship and devotion.

As Dr. Dale A Robbins notes, “Have you ever noticed when “gifts of the Spirit” operate in a church service? The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit usually becomes evident, subsequent to a time of worship and praise. Some think that worship is a response after the Holy Spirit moves upon them. However, it’s the other way around. God’s presence responds when we move upon Him with worship! Lifting up Jesus Christ through praise and worship invokes the Lord’s presence and power to flow in our midst.” (For more on Dr. Robbins’ description of Praise and Worship, click here).

FCC’ Adult Choir’s mission is best stated in the song We Are Not Ashamed, “We are not ashamed, no, we are not ashamed of the gospel, the truth it will proclaim. We are committed and we chos, to tell the world the good news: the gospel, we are not ashamed.”

The Adult Choir is open to members of Fayetteville Community Church. No experience is required - just the desire to use your voice in praise. As Pastor Wesley so eloquently says, "We would prefer people who can make a little more than a joyful noise."

Choir practices are held on Wednesday nights at 7:30, in the sanctuary. Additional rehearsals are held before musicals, programs, and special events.

FCC Choir CDs are available for purchase through our online bookstore.