View and Change Giving Preferences

To view and change your receipt preferences, payment methods, or donation options or download giving history and statements, you will need to first log into your profile. You never have to remember a username and password for our portal. It uses your mobile phone number or email address for login by sending you a code for verification each time you login. See below for instructions.

Log In to My Giving

Click the face at the top right corner of the donation form, and then click Log in.

Enter your mobile phone #

Enter your mobile phone number and click Next

  • If your phone number doesn't work or you don't want to use a mobile number, click "Use email address instead"
  • For users outside of the USA or Canada, using an email address is the only option.

Enter 6-digit code

Enter the code that was sent to your phone and click Next.

Hello and Login

Once your account is verified by the 6-digit code. You will see a Hello screen. Click Log in.

Open Give Online Portal

Click Give Online to open the Give Online Portal

View or Change Preferences

Scroll down to view or change your giving options.

Update notifications and receipt preferences.

Saved Payment Methods

Scroll down to Payment Methods to Add/Modify/Delete payment methods.

Recurring Donations

Scroll down to Recurring Donations to edit recurring donation frequency or add a recurring donation.

Donation History

Scroll down to Donation History to view and download donation history.

Giving Statements

Scroll down to Statements to download giving statements.

  • We automatically generate yearly statements and you will see them in your account.
  • If you need a quarterly statement for tax purposes. Email [email protected] to request one.