TaRanda GreeneTaRanda Greene - August 27, 10:30am

TaRanda is often seen on the popular Bill Gaither Homecoming Video Series and has also made appearances at numerous cities with the Homecoming Tour. She has also become a favorite guest vocalist at the famed Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY. She was invited by the Church to be a special featured soloist on the latest two Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir recordings “Declare Your Name” and “A Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas”. She was also invited to appear before the United Nations for a special Christmas concert, where she thrilled representatives from around the world with her rousing rendition of O Holy Night.

As TaRanda finds herself transitioning into uncharted territory, she also clings to the faithfulness of a loving Savior who promised to never leave nor forsake. She has a great story to share. It is one that is filled with much heartbreak and uncertainty, as well as promise and hope, as this now single mother of two, is committed to telling that story while holding onto the One who has brought her through each trial she has faced. “It’s a very challenging time, yet I know with all my heart, my life is in God’s hands, and He loves me more than I could ever know.” It’s that combination and that realization that TaRanda knows God will use to touch and stir the souls of each listener.

In 1997, when TaRanda Kiser made the drive from Florida to Boone, NC, little did she know what would lie in store for her over the next 14 years. TaRanda didn’t know, but God did, and He prepared her for each step she would take. As He directs, TaRanda is finding her wings and soaring by the grace and strength of the One who gave her His song to sing.

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