I received a letter from Jack Rea, and I wanted to share it with everyone. This letter shows how God answers prayer and is still in the healing business. His letter is below:

Dear Pastor Wesley,

I received a call from R.B. Gentry last Saturday night. He told me his 41 year-old son had a massive heart attack on Friday. His son died on the table 3 times and was electrically paddled back to life. He was operated on in the ICU unit in Brunswick, Georgia.

Sunday night R.B. Gentry called again to tell me his son (Roy) was in a coma and on life support. Only 5% of people paddled back survive.

Then Mr. Gentry asked me for a favor. Would you have the Band of Brothers and all your family pray for the healing of my son.

Brother Herb and brother John led us all in prayer Tuesday night for this young man. His father called me Wednesday night with the good news. Entering his son's room Wednesday afternoon, he found his son awake and sitting on the side of the bed. His doctor said he was fine and would be going home in a few days.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord! Thank you for the healing power of prayer. Amen.