Written by Ken Pritchard
Founding Pastor

We are living in desperate times. Currencies are being devalued, repossessions are at an all-time high, and terrorism and political unrest are in the news continually. Families have been pushed to the limit. Adding to this, we have church organizations that are advocating a lifestyle that includes actions that the Word of God clearly says is sin.

I was so moved this morning May 5. I went to the church for National Day of Prayer. The Holy Spirit was so STRONG. As I went from prayer station to station I cried more at every one. I finished my time at the altar and was so broken and so thankful... PRAYER IS THE KEY to everything that we will accomplish at FCC.

As I thought about what the New Year holds for our church family I first had to think about what we had accomplished in 2010. It made me so joyful and so thankful for all of our many volunteers that have worked so hard this year, and for all of our dedicated staff members. I feel like we have the greatest willing workers that any Pastor could ever ask for. I know that God is pleased with the hearts of the servants that continue to work to build the Kingdom of God.

I received a letter from Jack Rea, and I wanted to share it with everyone. This letter shows how God answers prayer and is still in the healing business. His letter is below:

The year 2010 is now history. When I look back, I can’t help but think about the hurts and losses we have had because of precious loved ones who have died. One thing for sure, we will continue to do everything we can to comfort those who have lost family and friends. We believe that we will see them soon.